The Boho Marketing Co.

Sarahbeth Ramsey, Owner


Wanting to dive into social media marketing after graduating with an MBA from the University of Baltimore was a no-brainer. Actually launching my own marketing boutique, The Boho Marketing Co., in order to help my community, likeminded entrepreneurs, side hustlers, motivated startups, and established brands increase their presence, and tell their story well has been — and continues to be — extremely rewarding.

I chose to launch as a boutique - versus an agency. This model allows my customers to receive my full attention and custom designed solution. I choose to engage for my clients on social media platforms as an organic entity versus gauge their success on their budgets. This element of transparency and customer intimacy has allowed me, as a business owner, to build a reputable brand and to help others do the same without sacrificing standards or ignoring the quality of work they once believed their budgets would present.

Make It Personal

Getting to know who it is you’re in business with is equally important as what the business with whom you’ve partnered represents. Marketing is fueled by human engagement. It all comes down to chemistry.

If the marketer isn’t someone you feel comfortable speaking on your behalf, or telling your story in your voice, then we have a problem. I intentionally invite my community into my daily routine, my network, to events and activities I support.

I tell my own story with the same passion as I do for those who allow me the privilege and give me the huge responsibility to tell theirs. Feel free to follow me on my personal Social Media account, and let’s have a conversation about how I may best help you reach and exceed your goals.


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