Flower Child

I’m sure that you know by now, if given sunflowers on any day, I’m extremely happy.

So of course when Caturday Style asked if I wanted to go play in the Sunflower Fields in Jarrettsville last weekend, I said YES!

If you haven’t been yet, I BELIEVE (but don’t quote me) you have approximately one week left to check it out. But the link above takes you to the updates on their FB page, so definitely give that a look first.

I loved how these sunflower photos turned out so much, that I wanted to go ahead and share a few- I figured you would not oppose.

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Now, without further ado, the beautiful sunflower photos:


I hope you enjoyed these brief snapshots, there were more, but I’ll keep it short!

See you next year sunflower field, but sunflowers are always here at BMCo.

-Sarahbeth Ramsey, Founder