Happy Tuesday everyone!

I’ve been listening to a lot of instagram algorithm updates lately either via podcast, or marketing colleagues, because I like to stay up to date.

I’ve noticed one specific common denominator that continued to surface regarding the new social media algorithm attraction:

Replying to comments.

Instagram is looking for, more than likes. They’re looking for engagement.

That’s what they as a leading platform want- and have been basing much of the personal or brand value analytics on it.

The idea is to have a conversation, a community, and to engage. When you don’t reply to your comments on your photos or your DM’s, it won’t do well for your algorithm. The faster the response, the better. Of course we don’t have time to sit on our phones all day, but making time throughout the day to reply back to people is super helpful.

Not to mention: it’s impolite to not respond back to people who took the time out of their day to send you a nice thoughtful comment- or ask you a question. We are all busy but if it’s built into your schedule, it gives you the time to respond. However you find the time to do it works too- there’s no right or wrong way to be decent.

I know you want that excellent engagement right? This is just one tip that will help you get there.

I hope you enjoyed it!


Sarahbeth Ramsey