Repurpose Your Office Space

I met Candice Denise through instagram, as I did several people who are my good friends now (the power of social media). She invited me to her event at West Elm Baltimore called Love Your Workspace which was also a book signing for her latest book!

During the Q&A she took some questions, and I had a question about how to make a large whiteboard not stand out as an eyesore in my office. Granted, whiteboards are not that bad looking, but it just didn’t fit my office aesthetic and I wanted a large board to write my ideas and brainstorm. She responded with trying to use glass instead of white board. Oh my gosh. What a perfect idea.

Low and behold, I was at one of my favorite thrift shops in Baltimore County, when I stumbled upon an old window for sale, for around $10-15. It needed some serious cleaning, paint and I needed an easel to hold it (see below). Easy enough!

After completion, it’s now an awesome glass white board where I can now brainstorm and see my ideas in front of me. Total cost = $30 (compare that to a large white board with easel).

Special thanks to Candice for this awesome idea!

After shot of Repurposed Window

After shot of Repurposed Window

Do you like to repurpose different items? Let me know!

-SBR, Founder, The Boho Marketing Co.