Promote the Vote!

Tomorrow is the big day and there are several fun features across various social media platforms that are going to help promote the vote!

If you haven’t already voted (or even if you have) tomorrow is going to be all about voting on social media.

If you want to encourage voting, there are many different ways that you’ll be able to do that, and some have actually already started.

Let’s start with Instagram.

Instagram has a few very fun things to encourage voting. First, they have a voting sticker, that (when clicked on) will tell you your nearest polling location.


FUN TIP: Tomorrow, if several of your friends use the I Voted sticker, your stories will tell you and it will group them together with a We Voted story.

Instagram also has several fun gifs to add to your stories and photos as illustrated below:


Many influencers are currently using their stories and the hashtag #influencetheelection to promote the vote tomorrow too. The company Fohr has made stories for influencers to use, to easily chat about voting amongst their friends. This hashtag is already trending, and as of lately has 271 posts already.

via  Fohr

via Fohr


Current trending Twitter hashtags: #election2018, #election , #electionday , #2018midterms #voteTuesday #bluewave #redwave #beavoter


Per usual, Facebook will have their voting button. They also have an entire 2018 Election tab that gives you personalized information based on your location, so that you can learn more about the Candidate options.

  • Check in at your polling place.

  • Join a group that you like - example : Rock the Vote.

  • Option to tag your favorite candidates.

  • Share a photo of your I Voted sticker IRL!

  • Do a FB Live after you vote to tell people you did and why.


Snapchat is rolling out several fun filters for your photos that enable you to talk about voting and why! Becoming filter festive is a great way to promote the vote and allow others to join in on the fun.

Are you ready to Promote the Vote?!

Happy Voting.