Determining Your Why

When you look at the path of your company- Do you know your why?

Your why is your reason for doing what you are doing, the purpose or mission behind your company.

Determining my why led me to determining my services, pricing, office space, social media content, and website development.

Before I had my why, I was basically driving with one eye open (my mom is currently cringing at the thought while reading this), I had a general direction, but it was easy to veer off course. It’s also easy to overlook your why, and focus on other fun things like your instagram page development, OR get caught up in so many different directions, that you aren’t sure which one makes sense. Spoiler alert: that also quickly leads to overwhelm.

Your why will become a large determining factor in different decisions that may come across your desk. Thinking about doing that collaboration? Does it fit into your why? Thinking about starting a new service? Check it up against your why. Thinking about doing a new social media calendar? Make sure you think about your why.

It seems so simple, but determining your why is sometimes the hardest part. After all, it is the reason for your company’s existence and helps you to stand out from the crowd.

So what is my why? Why do I have the Boho Marketing Co.? Why do I do what I do? Because I believe in and want to help small businesses and start ups with their marketing and social media, in order to help them achieve maximum success. Because I love social media and how it has changed my life for the better. Diving deeper, because I want to be able to help via a personalized plan to your individual businesses’ success, not a computer program, not a scheduler that auto posts. Because I believe you deserve it. It’s me, caring about your business, caring about you, and helping you with YOUR why. Why is it called The Boho Marketing Co.? That’s a story for another day!

*Find more about my why in the About Me Section.

What’s your why?

Sarahbeth Ramsey Owner- The Boho Marketing Co.