Take a Walk & Get Creative

Have you ever gotten so deep into your work day that the next thing you know it’s been several hours and you haven’t moved? Rough.

Or, have you ever said to yourself or someone else that you just can’t eat lunch or go outside for a few minutes because you were too busy? I have, and if we are being honest, I still do this sometimes. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel that you cannot leave your desk. The problem with that is that you will eventually lose focus or burn out.

Ah, the dreaded burn out.

Something that I’ve come to find that’s even more important to me than a burn out, is that small breaks boost my creativity. Especially, when I also listen to a podcast.

Often, if I do a walk for 15 minutes or so, with or without my dog Ella, I find myself listening to a podcast where I’m still learning but also boosting my creativity. Hearing other ideas can often get me out of a rut or a block in my mind, almost always when I’ve run out of ideas.

If my brain is too fried, well then just walking around, watching other people, going to a coffee shop, breathing outside, sitting and enjoying nature, can help boost my creativity. These breaks can even be done in as little as five minutes- and it’s hard to argue that you don’t have just five minutes in your day to spare!

Small breaks can consist of:

  • a 5 minute walk

  • a 5-10 minute meditation

  • a 5-10 minute time to breathe

  • a walk to the water cooler to actually get some water to drink (or your fridge if you work from home).

If you have a few more minutes:

  • a 30 minute walk with your dog (my preferred)

  • a lunch outside for 15-20 minutes away from your computer

  • a walk around the block for 15-20 minutes (bring some comfortable shoes to work!)

  • a run to get coffee

So what do you think? Ready to give it a try?

Let me know!

-SBR, founder of BMCo