What To Post On Instagram

It’s Tuesday which means another Tuesday Tip (for social media)!

One of the top questions that I receive is “what do I even post on social media”? This question comes in many forms, often more along the lines of trying to make sure that what is being posted matches the client’s brand.

I think it’s fantastic that so many people that I speak with are thinking this way first of all. It shows you know that it’s important to think through a social media plan. I’m going to show you what I have found works best, and I hope that you will find it helpful!

To make it easiest, I’ve narrowed it down to three different categories. Let’s start and go through each so I can explain exactly what I mean:

Incentive- you want to give your followers a reason to follow you, whether it be to learn more about your specific service/product, fun facts, special deals, giveaways, or info about a specific city or place.

The mission: think about why your audience would want to follow you.

Connection- this has a double meaning. You want to connect to your audience by letting them get to know you/your brand. Help them to feel welcome and you will be able to create a lasting relationship. Second, you want to connect your audience to your page/brand by making it so that they could see themselves using your product or service. If you’ve had a consult with me you’ve heard me say that your page should be like staging a house. Make your page welcoming and open, so that your audience can actually envision themselves using your product or service. Too much noise can keep this from happening.

The mission: Let your audience get to know you/your brand. Allow them to feel connected and a part of the process, service, and product.

Sales- Now, because you have a mix of connection and incentive, you can also authentically talk about your sale. Talking about your services, and product is not a bad thing to do (of course), you just want to make sure you have the incentive and connection so that you aren’t “sell, sell, sell”. I don’t know about you but on tv, the radio, or otherwise, I really start to tune out “in your face” type marketing/ads. To keep it authentic and your audience connected, a mix of all three things is going to be most helpful.

The mission: Mix all three aspects to create an environment that makes it an authentic page, helping you to connect and easily sell your product or service.

I just want to throw in there to make sure to continue to be authentic. This is the single most important aspect of social media in my opinion. If you fake the incentive and connection, it throws the entire ratio off. So make sure to stay authentic and you will thrive.

Questions? Let me know! Happy to help.


Owner, The Boho Marketing Co.