Instagram SEO!

We already use different things to help with engagement and discovery on Instagram, right?

For example: we use hashtags, we tag companies, we use geo-tagging, we interact with other accounts that we love. All of things have been helpful so far (at least hopefully- and if you have questions about any of these- I do very affordable social media consulting!).

However, Instagram just introduced a game changer, virtually under the radar, and that is - they are now using SEO (search engine optimization), just like Google, but also in conjunction with Google!

What does this mean for your business/blog?

I’m not going to get too technical with SEO, but what this means for Instagram and what you need to know about are both keywords + alt text.

Let’s start with keywords. Keywords that are in your name or in your handle (and that have to do with your business or blog), are both going to help your account become noticed (i.e. Artist, Photographer, Calligrapher, Boutique, Realtor). Using keywords in your hashtags (although I usually always preach targeted hashtags) and captions are going to be useful here as well. This means, not only does it help your account become noticed on Instagram, but now your Instagram account can also show up on GOOGLE.

Yes, for more views!

-crowd cheers in the background-

Secondly, alt text will be key. Alt text is so amazing. It allows people who are visually impaired, the ability to see a photo by having it described to them. Technology is truly life changing in so many ways.

Alt text is also used to help instagram decipher your photo to get it in front of the right people. By providing your own description, you are able to describe your photo the way you want it to be described. How cool is that?

Lastly, using the right descriptive words in alt text, allows your photo to also show up in Google. And showing up in Google means more visibility of course!

So how do you add alt text?

Once you arrive to the part of your account where you create your caption, geotag and regular tags, there is a small button for “advanced settings”. Click that and you’ll see “write alt text”. Use keywords that have to do with your business, account, and photo, including objects, animals, food descriptors, etc.. Keep it short but make sure you are using those keywords.

Voila! You’ve just taken advantage of Instagram SEO!

Will you do this? Let me know your thoughts.


Owner, The Boho Marketing Co.

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