Post-Networking Tip

Who else loves going to networking events?

I didn’t always feel this way. In the beginning they were so intimidating. But bit by bit, as I went to more, I became more comfortable. I talk a little about this in another blog post The Importance of Networking.

I have one GIANT tip - something that I always do AFTER the event. The tip is- follow up with an email. Seems simple. But that stack of cards that we (hopefully) receive at events, can get lost fairly quickly. I make it a habit to send a follow up email to everyone that I met within 24 hours.

Not only does that timeframe help with not losing information, but it also allows me to recall their business easily and the conversation that we had earlier that day. My emails are pretty short and sweet, just a follow up to say I’m so glad we were able to connect, and an offer to be of service in any way that I can. Now they have my info- and I have theirs for future reference.

That’s it! Pretty simple and easy.

I hope you find it helpful! I can’t wait to hear if you try it.

Have a great Monday,

Sarahbeth Ramsey
Owner- The Boho Marketing Co.