How To Create Content Solo

I’ve been getting several questions about how I take my photos when I go out without a friend to take my photo. Do I ask a random stranger? Do I happen to run into friends? No no, I have something that is light, portable AND has a remote!

I am not affiliated with Amazon, but I’m sharing the link so that you all can have some photo or video taking fun too! My favorite part? It’s only $23.99.

Besides taking photos and video for myself, this is very useful for IG/FB lives, group photos, and more. I love it- it’s truly something I use almost every day.

And what if people stare? Well, then they stare- that’s ok! It took me a while, but now I’m only worried about getting the shot and not about what people around me might say. And they might be staring because they want to know where you bought your tripod…in that case, well, you know what to tell them.