The Importance of Mentors

I had heard talk in business school about having a mentor, usually for a particular class, and usually it was a teacher of mine at some point. I feel like this is when we are urged to have a mentor.

But I soon found that it was definitely necessary for me to have a mentor outside of school as well! I didn’t actually set out to have a mentor, the universe deemed it necessary for me, and that’s when I met mine. I don’t recommend this approach, I recommended seeking out a mentor. Mainly because I wish I had one sooner.

Having a mentor isn’t always easy (truth moment) and I struggled at first. I’ve done a lot of hard work to get myself to where I am today, and made some very hard and scary choices on my own. I learned to rely on myself and only myself, a little too much. I have been known to be stubborn as well (people close to me are laughing hard at this, I am sure). Once I got over myself and my ego, some awesome things started to happen.

So how did I find a mentor?

I DM’d someone on Instagram who I heard speak at a local conference, who I could tell was extremely knowledgeable. The reason I DM’d them was because I was too nervous to go up to them in person afterwards. Don’t be like me- just go talk to them if you want to! Now we laugh about it because we talk every day. It can really be anyone who inspires you or that you look up to in your field.

What do I look for in a mentor?

Someone I trust, with a proven record of success.

  • This may require some research, but check out their background work and their story. Ask around to people who know them. See who vouches for them- are they someone I trust as well? All good things to know in advance.

  • When I meet with them, do I feel a good feeling right off the bat? Are they kind, considerate, and seem like they would be an asset to my business? Are they asking me thoughtful questions?

Why have a mentor?

Because they know things that I don’t based on their experience. Once I let go of my ego, I figured out that I could learn to not make the same mistakes they did (instead of thinking I’ll do it MY way) and save myself some of that trouble. They can guide me on the path that I am taking, and in my circumstance, help build me an AMAZING website. They can help you with important documents, speaking to future prospects, and so many more aspects of the business that you aren’t necessarily taught in school.

To me- it’s invaluable. Thanks to all of the mentors out there who help people every day, and to mine, Andre Vaseghi- Owner of Andre Bean, who is going to read this and say something like “he learns more from me, than I do from him”. Thank you.

Sarahbeth Ramsey

Owner- Boho Marketing Co.