Feed Fatigue

Feed Fatigue is a popular buzzword associated with a person’s Instagram feed becoming either uniform as far as content, losing a sense of being genuine, or otherwise making a person feel tired because of comparison (with others). When users take a social media break, it’s usually because they are reacting to a form of feed fatigue. I myself, have experienced this while I’ve been on Instagram. Whenever there is a lack of creativity in my feed — or even in my own posts — I can feel the effects of feed fatigue. Combatting it can be simple, but takes creative thought and planning. Here are my five tips to help you either overcome feed fatigue, and stop it in it’s tracks before it even starts.

  1. Unfollow or mute those that do not inspire you, feed your soul or otherwise help you learn or grow in any way. There are accounts that people follow because they want to keep up with a certain person’s life, usually from their past in some capacity. Few accounts post very similar ads, or things that do not really apply to you. Either way, if you are feeling the negative impact, you have two choices: unfollow or mute. Muting is a popular favorite if you still interact with this person daily. There’s no harm in muting or unfollowing someone for your own mental health.

  2. Schedule times to be online interacting/engaging with others. If being on social media is bringing you down, but you don’t want to disappear from your audience, then a great idea is to plan time to engage and interact. The rest of the day can be spent posting content for feed and stories. That way you can enjoy the experience without constantly scrolling.

  3. The opposite of 1 (unfollow and mute), follow those who are similar to you, or those who share your personal interests and/or business interests. Learning from others via social media and making new friends can be an essential part of our lives. Discovering new users, instead of solely following our own friends, is the equivalent of going to a networking event and talking to those we do not know. If we stay within our own circle, we may never branch out, but if we do, we may meet someone new. Pro Tip: Use the search feature to search by hashtags or geotags in order to find new friends/colleagues!

  4. Strive to be as original and genuine as possible. It’s true, I can get bored with my own posts at times. However, if I strive to be different and post about the things that I truly care about, it makes a huge difference. I can also tell that my audience cares more when I post about the things that make me, well, me — through engagement.

  5. If you are posting about ads, promotions, or collaborations of any kind, make sure that they are genuine as well. Are they products that you believe in? Does the mission resonate? Do you actually — or would you actually — use these products? Can you fit it into a post or story naturally? Answering all of these questions and giving real thought to your audience and how they will perceive your post will allow you to attract those that you want to attract. Conversely, it will also help your relationship to stay intact so that it continues for months/years to come.

I hope that you find these tips helpful, and lessen your chance of the effects from feed fatigue. It’s mental health month, so make sure to take time for you outside of social media as well :).

Much love and light,