What's Your Strategy?

Figuring Out Your Strategy | The Boho Marketing Co. Tip Of The Week

Picture this with me for a minute: It’s the middle of the week, and you start to realize that you have done exactly zero posts on your social media platforms. Even worse, you’re now well into the middle of your day and you don’t have time to take any photos or go through your photos. You’ve got a full list of things to do and it keeps on growing! Oh well- you shrug- and you sadly accept that another day will go by without posting (are you imagining this with the Instagram superzoom option called “bummer” that has the leaves falling and sad music playing? I am).

Sound familiar? We’ve all been there.

Consistency is key with anything, and it also applies to social media. But how can you be consistent if you are so busy? Planning. I’ve spoken before on my social media tip videos about content planning. Making time one day each week to decide on posts for the week ahead is so helpful, while consulting your calendar to decide your content.

But let’s take it one step further with a strategy.

What is your goal with your social media? Is it to teach? To inspire? To build a local community? To heal? To motivate? What is the incentive for people to follow your account? What is the focus of your account?

-How are you going to connect with your community, following, audience?-

These are the types of questions to think about, and work towards, to help you start to build your content strategy. Once you know the answers, you will be able to easily see what type of content you should be posting. It will also give your social media account a purpose and direction.

I tell all of my clients- we don’t want to only sell on our social media platforms. We want to remain social, part of the community, and tell our story so that people will trust us enough to want to work with us, and support us.

Build those relationships, make new friends, start a trend, help the community- and do it all with strategy.

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Happy Tuesday,


Sarahbeth Ramsey

Owner- The Boho Marketing Co.