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Social Media Strategy Consultations

We want others to discover your business, to recognize it and pay attention. We want to define your market together and narrow it down to a specific audience that best suits the results you describe. Our goal is to give your idea, story or company the exposure it deserves and the assets to turn a short-term deadline into a sustainable long term success plan.

Strategy consultations and campaign plans can be determined either by phone, email, or in person. Before your very first scheduled consult I conduct a free discovery phone call averaging 15 minutes to explore your needs and record your long term and short term goals.

Social Media Management

The Boho Marketing Co. is specifically designed to help our clients invest their time into what they do best, and to allow us to support their efforts through social media management. This service encompasses developing the messaging, aesthetic, photography, content development, scheduling and execution of social media and digital advertising needs. This option can be full service, and allows for short term and long term packages, flat rates, and retainer/hour bundle based agreements that best serve the client’s needs and budget.

Speaking & Training Sessions

Whether speaking to one person, a team or audience, this service is designed to help train your current marketing team or speak at your conference or event. Speaking on social media has become a passion, whether is be speaking about the purpose of social media, how it has changed lives (including mine) and more. Teaching has become a very rewarding service as helping others is the entire reason behind The Boho Marketing Co.. Training & speaking are charged at an hourly rate.

Content Creation Sessions

Photos specifically with social media content in mind are curated, edited, and collected on behalf of the client. Portraits (business shots), creative shots, event photography, are provided in this service. This service must accompany a consult, due to the nature of learning your social media vision, and coming up with a specific plan for the photoshoot/content. Sessions are charged hourly or as flat fees depending on the campaign and agreement. A client portfolio can be provided per request.

Blog Development/Copywriting

Blog development to capture SEO (search engine optimization) and creating/writing messaging to support marketing efforts, advertising spend, and social media content have become an absolute necessity in order to remain relevant and up to date with today’s ever changing algorithms. We want to make sure your efforts, your brand, your budget, and your presence online is designed with purpose, and positioned with intent. Have a blog or subject matter in mind? Let’s talk about it. We can make sure to design a blog calendar and schedule posts with your goals in mind.

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